Happy Little Mochies!

3,333 adorably cute non-edible, edible NFTs on a quest to make you happy!

What is Terramochi?

Terramochi is a collection of adorably cute NFTs on the Polygon Network, and they exist to make you happy!

Each mochi and all their traits are designed to be meaningfully detailed to inspire glee.   

So cute, you want to poke it! :mochi1: 

Terramochi is for anyone who loves food, cute things, and just buying stuff that make them and their loved ones happy!

Is there any Utility?

The utility of a mochi is the joy of owning and gifting it!

A lot of love has gone into ensuring each mochi provides tactile joy to the viewer. And a huge part of this is making sure Terramochi is as inclusive and joy-bearing as it can be.

Terramochi is fun & adorable with a simple utility; To make you happy!


Mint a mochi and be happy! 

Terramochi is a simple product with a heartfelt purpose. Our roadmap starts when you think about owning a cute-ass mochi to owning or gifting a mochi and it puts a smile on your face. :mochi1: That’s really all to it, and that’s our simple promise of a roadmap. 

The really lucky ones..

They minted an Anti-Rare Mochi!

Anti what mochi? What’s that?

33 mochies invested in Nickalot’s art brand, Anti-Rare, and they each wear a special cap with the A-R logo! As a reward for their loving support, 10% of Terramochi’s total mint sales will be shared equally across all of them!  :mochi1::mochi1::mochi1:


No promises on WEN future AR goodies, but owning AR mochies will naturally have first dibs on future Anti-Rare goodies! Wenever it hppns~

That’s it!

Terramochi is fun and simple.

Buy a mochi cause it makes you happy! :mochi1:

Discover the truth behind the mochies!

3,333 mochies

3 x LEGENDARY Kumi-Mochies
[To be airdropped]


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