The truth behind the mochies.


My name is Nic, and I’m a creative director at a 3D animation studio. I spend most of my time helping clients tell their stories the best way possible through the use of CGI. I hope that uncovers a little more about “who is behind this project”.

Now, the vision for Terramochi is centered around a simple value which I hold close to my heart. — Happiness.

Terramochi is something that I am very passionate about for many personal reasons.  But the largest of them is that I want to create an NFT art collection where you don’t have to be early, and you don’t have to grind. All I hope is that you think it’s cute, and you buy it because it makes you happy. Even better is if you gift it to a friend or a loved one! And if that little mochi brings a smile to a face, I think that’s something really valuable, and worth it.

TLDR; I want to make some cute-ass mochies to make everyone happy. And make some money for doing that. :mochi1:



Mochi Maker


There’s really not much to know about me, and I would like to keep as much of my life private as possible. Heh. But you can always very easily find me around the internet cause I use the same handle. XD

What I will share is that I like food and I like cats. We have an office cat, and her name is Cai Png (which stands for Vegetable Rice in Singapore. It’s a dish that is essentially what my sister calls “point point” rice. You go to the food stall, and point at the dishes you want to add to your rice)

I also like music, and my favourite stuff these days are lo-fi cafe chill music. What else.. mmm my biggest goal in life is to start a happy family with someone that I will love to my dying days. And I’m really blessed that I’ve found one, and we’re getting married this year! So all the mochie sale money is going to help me build this dream with her. <3

I think that’s enough of a bio. lol.


The face of Terramochi

Debut Mochi

This is Debut mochi. This is the mochi that was first released into public. I think it’s super cute that’s why I chose it to be the face of the whole project. It’s also very simple and just plain adorable.
Fat Thumber

Terraprints #14 Mochi

This is Terraprints #14 mochi. I chose this Terraprints number to use on the cap to serve as a gentle reminder to myself to always check the prices of an item before commiting to purchase something on Talis.

You see, I wanted to get a print and support another project. And when I saw a Terraprint list for what I thought was 50$UST, I pressed everything as quickly as possible!

Turns out it was 50 LUNA. 🙃 It was a very valuable lesson. This mochi is a happy reminder to everyone to always check. lol.

Kawaii x1000

Rosmane Kimono Mochi

This is Rosmane Kimono Mochi.

Rosmane was one of the first few twitter users to be genuinely so excited about Terramochi. She suggested a kimono mochi twice. So I had to make one for her. It is a lovely mochi and I’m so happy it is in the collection!

Community Fun

Sticker Astro Helmet Mochi

This is such a fun terramochi mochi that came out of nowhere! I didn’t really plan this at all. You see I’m new to twitter marketing, and I’ve been finding my own ways to engage users on a level that’s meaningful to me! And I wanted to reward them for it. I figured it would be so amazing that not only do you get a WL for suggesting an idea for a sticker, but your idea is also incorporated into the artwork!

Oh and, Do Kween 12/10. :mochi1: